Mylo Xyloto

2011 - Mylo Xyloto

1. Mylo Xyloto en
2. Hurts Like Heaven en
3. Paradise en
4. Charlie Brown en
5. Us Against The World en
6. M.M.I.X. en
7. Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall en
8. Major Minus en
9. U.F.O. en
10. Princess Of China en
11. Up In Flames en
12. A Hopeful Transmission en
13. Don't Let It Break Your Heart en
14. Up With The Birds en

Don't Let It Break Your Heart

If I lost a map
If I lost it all
I fell into the trap
Then she goes

When you're tired of waiting so you just
Find that you never had to stop
Come on baby, don't let it break your heart

Those heavenly regrets
Still on me though
Trying to catch a cannonball
And so burning tired

Through my days are flowing
From a shipwreck I heard a call
And she said

When you're tired of aiming your arrows,
Still you'll never hit the mark
And even if your aims are shadows
Still we never gonna part

Come on baby don't let it break your heart
Don't let it break your heart


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